Ariba On-Prem Migration To Ariba Cloud

Intro To The Ariba Cloud

SAP Ariba’s On-Demand solutions provide flexibility, scalability, the building of extensions, scripting, and customizations to ECC integration. Not to forget the quarterly releases and feature updates that come along the way. Out of the 300+ clients who utilise Ariba On-Premise solutions, around 200+ have moved to the cloud, with many more in the process. Megascend will help customers with SAP recommended roadmaps to transition from Ariba On-Premise to Ariba Cloud as smoothly as possible with best-of-the-class migration tools and accelerators.

How Ariba Is Different?

It's A Whole New World Of Catalogs.

With the addition of Amazon, Walmart, and eBay in the Ariba Spot Buy portfolio, the catalogs are not limited to incumbent supplier contracts.

Automatic Upgrades.

SAP Ariba provides quarterly releases with automatic updates to the latest features for its customers, keeping them up to date with the time.

It's Easy To Manage.

Configuration of standard processes is easier to manage and Ariba modules come prepackaged with Best Practice processes for sourcing: contracts.

Benefits Of Using Ariba

It's Cost Effective.

Compared to SRM, on the basis of on-premise server costs and, management costs, SAP Ariba is more cost effective, and needs less users than SAP SRM to manage the administration.

It’s A New Age User Experience.

Users now are now way ahead in expectations in terms of UI. SAP Ariba with its Guided Buying platform offers an Amazon-like buying experience with easy collaboration.

It Offers Native Integration.

SAP Ariba has native integration with SAP using CIG which is easy to implement and manage.

The Megascend Approach

Megascend brings a holistic and proven approach with accelerators, resources, and tools to migrate the processes successfully.

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