Catalog Management

Maintaining Catalog

Ariba provides a simple and easy way to manage the catalog. Suppliers can send catalog updates that are filtered through an approval process, and the catalogs can be maintained in-house (if desired). Suppliers also have the option to punchout to supplier sites so they can maintain the catalogs themselves. 

Updated Pricing

It is challenging to maintain transactions due to the lack of technology. With Ariba, suppliers can now send pricing updates as needed. On the punch-out side, they should maintain updated pricing.

Organizing Information In Catalogs

Ariba catalog items have a description coupled with multiple part numbers and have thumbnail images, full images, and provide links to an external website, acting as user guides.

Searching For Catalog Items

Ariba’s catalog search engine allows one to search for various fields such as supplier part number, description, and more. Additionally, keywords can be set up to allow for even more efficient searching.

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