The Real Cost Of Manual Processing

When dealing with a third-party supplier or an external vendor, procurement can be a real hassle. Every order requires a set of tedious steps, from actual purchasing and invoicing to accounts payable.

Each phase involves a great deal of manual processing, costing many companies much more than they have calculated. But in today’s digital age, why should your team waste time on troublesome tasks when they can handle the advanced functions?

Streamline your procure-to-pay (P2P) process with the proper guidance from the Megascend team.

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End-To-End Automation

Limiting manual work starts with the right automated procurement solution, and we are the experts in it. We begin by understanding your current management techniques to recommend the best strategy to scale up revenues digitally. We’ll assist you in developing a cloud migration strategy, streamlining change management, and preparing for the transition from paper to screen.

With our cutting-edge software, we’ll put you on the most appropriate platform for your company’s needs guiding you through all critical automated aspects of the P2P process. It includes sourcing and contracting, planning and forecasting, purchasing and delivery, and invoicing and payment.

But P2P platform is nothing without a team. From conception to complete migration, it’s our procurement experts that bring your improvement strategies into action. Rooted in the procurement landscape, our team of focused specialists can help you cut costs and transform procurement.

Our Procure-To-Pay Solutions

Megascend’s transformative approach to P2P focuses on three major areas of your operations:

Buying & Invoicing

Consolidate and manage each phase of your procure-to-pay process with a simple yet smart approach. Built-in approval flows guarantee catalog and contracts compliance, while visibility tools give you better control over global spending.

Invoice Management

Empower your accounts payable team with a collaborative interface. Our invoice management cloud solution captures and reconciles invoices, using easy-to-use workflows to automate manual work and improve your overall bottom line.

Support Services

Our team is here to assist you after the migration. From application optimization and process efficiency audits to user interface and customer experience support, Megascend is your partner for all things related to

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