On September 10th, Skyscend hosted their first webinar on SkyscendPay (SP), their new invoice management solution. Built with the latest artificial intelligent technologies, SP ensures that invoice management is seamless and allows invoices of any form to be effortlessly inputted into the system. The webinar presented an overview and demo of SkyscendPay, showing how businesses can implement this automated solution to address their invoicing needs. Presenters included Steve Roach, Chairman for Skyscend, Suchir Kavi, Technical Lead at Skyscend, and Priyanka Patil, Ambassador for SkyscendPay. Together they provided a glimpse into the operations of SP and illustrated the full capabilities of the product both for web and mobile. A live Q&A was conducted at the end of the presentation, and the floor was opened for audience members to ask their questions to the Skyscend Technical Team.



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